Quit Smoking Program for Medicaid Beneficiaries And Pregnant Women

Quit Smoking Program: for those Coloradans receiving Medicaid benefits there are free resources to help quit tobacco. This population has smoking rates that are more than twice the general adult population and many don’t know about QuitLine’s free quit smoking program or that Medicaid offers two 90-day free or low-cost tobacco medication treatments each year.

In addition, the Colorado QuitLine now has a special tobacco cessation program designed specifically for pregnant women. The quit smoking program gives women the option of working with the same personal coach throughout her entire quit smokingprocess. She can receive up to nine calls, specifically designed to meet her needs during pregnancy and after delivery. With each completed call, she earns rewards that she can use to buy things for her baby. And, she can also choose to receive text messages that support her in the quitting process.

The QuitLine number is1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669). For those with Medicaid coverage, there are two 90-day free or low-cost tobacco medication treatment supplies available each year through your Medicaid benefit. When you use the Colorado QuitLine with tobacco medications, you more than double your chances to quit. You can also use the QuitLine Fax-to-Quit form to make a referral, and the QuitLine staff will call the patient to get them started.

For other information to help you in working with Medicaid recipients or pregnant women who smoke, please go to our online resource center at www.cohealthresources.org to find fact sheets, brochures, posters, table tents, the MyQuitPath widget and the Fax-to-Quit forms. Search for the materials under “QuitLine” on the Campaign drop down menu.