Tear Duct Surgery

Tear duct surgery | Colorado Springs Health Partners is home to a unique pair of specialists who collaborated to help a patient with blocked tear ducts on May 22.

Blocked tear duct surgery is somewhat common and very successful for patients, although having blocked ducts is very uncomfortable and inconvenient. The primary goal of the surgery is to provide a pathway for tears to drain from the eye to the inside of the nose. What is unique about the surgery this CSHP patient will receive is that two different surgical specialists will partner to complete the procedure. George Ulrich, MD is a board certified Ophthalmologist, dealing with conditions and diseases of the eye. David Book, MD is a board certified Otolaryngologist, dealing with conditions and diseases of the ear, nose and throat.

Dr. Ulrich states, “Although this procedure can be successfully accomplished by either specialty, the patient can only benefit from having the expertise available for both areas being impacted by the surgery.” Having both surgeons accessible is somewhat a rare occasion in today’s medical environment. “CSHP is fortunate to have the resources and specialty expertise on hand, and therefore, so are their patients, said Dr. Book. Using a TEAM approach and providing the service in the office instead of the operating room is also more cost effective all the way around.

Tear duct surgery is indicated when less invasive methods of treatment are unsuccessful. Correction is necessary because normally, tears drain into small holes in the inside corners of the eyelids and collect in the tear sac which lies under the skin between the corner of the eye and the nose. Next, the tears flow through a small tube, called the nasolacrimal duct, into the nose. The tears are pumped through this drainage system by the opening and closing of the eye. When this fails to happen, tearing is constant and infection is often chronic.

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