Beginner Workout Routine for Women

Beginner workout routine for women can be a great place to start for many women with varying goals. Most people want to know what to do when you first start working out, or you start working out again after a layoff. Do you use a treadmill? Do you use weights? Do you take a class?

The type of workout you should choose depends on your goals, which is why a beginner workout routine for women should be effective and able to keep you motivated. Are you an athlete trying to improve your performance, or an older person trying to improve your normal day-to-day operations? Are you trying to lose weight, or do you just want to improve your overall fitness?

The most important thing is to start at your own pace and make sure you are medically approved to work out. If you have not worked out in a long time, start at the beginning and work on your stabilizer muscles—in other words, your balance. Working on these muscles will help you in your day-to-day activities, such as walking, by making your ankles stronger so that you don’t injure yourself.

Doing a beginner workout for women three to five days a week is ideal but not always possible–start slow and set a goal. Aim for 30 minutes of a cardiovascular workout, followed by a strength training workout. The best approach to strength training is two upper-body workouts and one lower-body workout, plus core exercises.

With or without access to a gym, you can take the steps to start your beginner workout routine. Here’s a typical stability training beginner workout for women:

Day 1

  • Chest press on stability ball
  • Chest press machine or wall push-ups
  • Seated shoulder press on stability ball
  • Standing one leg side dumbbell raises
  • Standing one leg bicep dumbbell curls: Alternate feet each set.
  • Stability ball crunches


Day 2

  • Standing one leg opposite toe touch: While standing on your left foot, touch your left foot with your right hand and stand upright without touching the floor with your right hand.
  • Stability ball squats: Put the ball on the wall and lean on it, placing the ball on the small of your back, and squat.
  • Leg extensions: While sitting down, put a dumbbell between your feet and extend them in front of you.
  • Leg curls: While lying face down, bring your heel to your butt. If that’s too easy, get on your elbows and do the same, alternating feet.
  • Calf raises: Stand on the edge of a stair step. Rise up onto your toes and come down slowly. Repeat.


Day 3

  • Stability ball dumbbell row: Lie facing down on a stability ball, with dumbbells in front of you; pull them to your sides, pinching your shoulder blades together at the top, then bring them back down.
  • Single leg/arm cable row. Using a cable system, stand on one foot; with the opposite hand pull the cable to your side as if you were rowing.
  • Standing single leg tricep cable pulldown or band pulldown
  • Overhead tricep extension: Put one hand on your waist. Holding a dumbbell in the other hand over your head, bend your elbow and slowly bring the dumbbell to the side of your head, then extend over your head.
  • Planks: Lie down in the pushup position; instead of being on your hands, use your elbows. Rise to a position where your body is a straight line from your head to your feet. Stay up for 3 seconds, bring your body to the floor and relax. Repeat.


You should do three sets of each exercise with 15 repetitions each. This beginner workout routine for women should last four to six weeks. After that, you should tailor your workout more to your specific needs. Remember, you should always change your workouts every four to six weeks so your body doesn’t adapt to the workout. If that happens, you will stop seeing changes in your body.

John P. Cerezo is a certified National Association of Sports Medicine. He is a former Training Manager for LA Fitness and Powerhouse gym. He created this beginner workout for women specifically for Medical Voyce/Healthy Coloradan.