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Medical Voyce was founded in 2006 by Dirk R. Hobbs after running MDNews in CO. Based on 10 years+ of close involvement with physicians and their struggles with practice management and other business challenges, Medical Voyce was created with the intent to give physicians the tools and information they need to better manage their practice.

The Medical Voyce Difference

  • Local Focus - Medical Voyce helps you locate local resources once the problem is identified and confirmed by a clinical expert.
  • Innovation in Communication Channels - Medical Voyce has invested significantly in new communication channels to doctors and patients alike such as Ask-My-Doc® technology,MDEmpowerTM web platform, Professional and public web portals.
  • Passion for Physicians and Service Providers - While many companies mainly focus on the patient needs, we have a passion for physicians and service providers as well.

Products is a virtual platform for health care providers and consumers, supplying valuable tools, information and communication to connect physicians to each other and their patients. Within Medical Voyce are two unique web interfaces for two separate audiences: Public and Professional.

  • The Professional Portal offers a single point of access to mandatory information and tools required by the health care provider to effectively and efficiently run their practice (e.g., Subject Matter Experts) - even in these most challenging economic times.
  • The Public Portal offers patients access to “virtual office visit” technology as well as specific information to help them choose a provider and other health care resources.


Because of Medical Voyce’s experience with medical websites, it has been hired many times to build websites for medical societies and partners. Items of interest are leveraging platform technology, directory infrastructure and library information. The result is a highly effective site that can be completed at a lower cost.

Partner Programs

Medical Voyce’s Business Partners can participate on one or both of these portals along with all the marketing programs that are coupled with them. Participation can involve advertising venues, social networking programs, article placement, directory listings and events.

Executive Team

Beyond its founder and CEO, Dirk Hobbs, Medical Voyce has recruited executives in the Marketing, Sales and Operations functions in addition to a Chief Medical Officer. For detailed bios, click here.